How to Lower Our Healthcare Costs – Healthcare

To control our healthcare costs, we first must understand the healthcare industry. The Healthcare Industry appears to be controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. These companies work to resolve SYMPTOMS and not CAUSES because it is a more profitable venture. Who contributes to the Drug Company Get Rich Fund? We do! Recently in the news it was reported that less antibiotics would be produced because it is not profitable to produce medication that is not taken repetitively on a daily basis as opposed to cholesterol medication. To aid our country’s healthcare reform costs, I recommend that the government establish research centers that work on some of the more expensive sicknesses and diseases like obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. to start.By establishing research centers, these centers would employ many people from various professions and backgrounds, i.e. secretaries, accountants, legal, operations, IT, research scientists, doctors, etc. This plan would put construction people to work for buildings or to renovate current buildings to create these centers. The commencement, start-up costs would be substantial but would decrease over time when discoveries, cures are made. If we can support banks and other institutions paying their Top Executives big bonuses for leading them down the path to financial ruin, bankruptcy, we should have available funds to support research studies to find cures for our diseases and put more people to work. I would prefer to cure innocent people then to pay big bucks to crooks.Just think about the drug industry, I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to believe that there is not a cure for the common cold in all these years. But why should there be? Drug companies reap in the revenue every time we catch a cold with their congestion medications, fever medications, headache medications, sore throat medications and ear ache medications. The common cold itself represents at least five multi-mega revenue streams for these drug companies. Does it make sense that they can cure symptoms but not the virus? I heard that there have been cures for cancer, HIV and other diseases for years but no one wants to give up the money. If we can put a man on the Moon, a spacecraft on Mars, have people live in space, communicate around the world in a matter of seconds or minutes, why don’t we have cures for our major diseases? Follow the money and you will understand why it is not happening.Once cures are found for diseases, the government would lower its medical expenses paid for programs like Medicare, Medicaid, prescription medications, veteran’s medical care and prescriptions and everything else that is included in treating symptoms. If medical costs decrease, then so would the insurance premiums. People would have more money to spend on disposable goods and other items to ignite our economy. With lowering our healthcare expenses, more time, effort and money could be devoted to creating a healthier, more abundant food supply, repairing our infrastructure, a cleaner environment, etc.Thank you, Kathryn Alexander.