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Traditional health insurance rates have skyrocketed putting many Americans at risk because they simply can not afford the monthly premiums. While it is still advisable to have a health insurance policy instead of a discount benefits plan – if you do not have the money something is better then nothing.There are many discount benefits plans that cover dental, vision, prescription and even chiropractic care. The prices for these plans, that do not include any medical healthcare benefits, are usually very affordable. Insurance companies usually do not take a liking to these type of businesses because they undercut their monthly premiums. All is fair in love and war – or so they say.What Do Discount Benefit Plans Include?Discount benefit plans are as wide and varied as traditional health insurance plans. Some carry only dental care, vision care, chiropractic care and/or prescription drug discounts without medical benefits. Many have plans that include medical health benefits and any combination of the above. Non-insurance discount benefits sometime seem to good to be true for the price.Health Insurance Companiesoften point out that the discount plans do not cover everything. That is true. But — neither do all the regular health insurance plans and they are much, much more expensive. It is imperative that you thoroughly study what any benefit plan includes, whether insurance or non-insurance. Discount benefit plans usually have very low deductibles or no deductibles at all. Insurance health policies usually have high deductibles to keep the monthly premiums lower than they would be. But monthly premiums are still escalating out of control.Healthcare AlternativesDiscount healthcare alternatives that are not insurance often require you to pay for health services at the time you receive them but at a reduced fee. Some of these reduces fees are substantial. Providers have agreed to lower fees for a few very good reasonsProviders get a customer base from the discount benefits group
Providers sometime get reduced prices on medical supplies from the discount group
Providers often get their money upfront without having to wait to get paid from an insurance companyAnother advantage to discount health plans is they normally have a very low registration fee. This means you can get started without having to spend too much money. Also, non-insurance health plans rarely require you to have a health exam before your accepted.Non-insurance discount healthcare plans including medical healthcare are often under $200.00 per month and can be found for under $100.00 per month. The average health insurance plan is over $800.00 per month. Do the math. But while you do the math make sure the benefit plan you choose will meet your needs.