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Spend too much time on marketing chores instead of treating patients?
Learn how to grow your practice by using proven marketing strategies
to generate new clients every month. Tactics that are affordable and
effective, and once organized — mostly hands-off.Independent Healthcare practitioners, like Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Nutritionists, Opticians and other independent office treatment specialists, are like any other business — they need a constant flow of new customers. Too often, healthcare providers spend more time on marketing chores instead of on treating patients, in order to assure the survival of the office. It’s not unusual to see such clinicians spend 10 to 15 hours and many hundreds of dollars weekly in the quest to obtain new patients. Utilizing traditional marketing and advertising methods, like mailers, print ads, radio/TV, and flyers, they spend a lot of time and money, but only gain marginal results for their efforts.But – it doesn’t have to be that way.If you are an independent healthcare provider, such as a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, or
alternative medicine specialist, and you are looking to increase your client base — new
research conducted by major search engines like YAHOO! and Google reveal some
surprising statistics. In cities and towns across the United States, finding local and regional treatment specialists via internet web search engines is rapidly becoming the method of choice for people looking to select reliable healthcare providers. Thumbing through the yellow pages has been replaced by typing on keypads and searching cyberspace.For example, in last thirty days over 7000 consumers typed in the phrase: “Chicago
Chiropractor,” as they searched to find a Chiropractor in their area of the Windy City. That’s a lot of client prospects! And, in that same time frame, over 2000 patients typed in the words “Seattle Chiropractic,” 1900 people in Denver sought out “Denver Chiropractors,” over 22,000 looked for “Houston dentists,” and so on and so on and over and over, city by city, totaling millions of patients seeking healthcare providers via the Internet in any given week. Including patients in your area of the USA looking for your specialty. All you have to do is reach out to them. Make yourself easy to find.The prime strategy — identify the specific keyword phrases that patients
use for the exact type of healthcare services or products being provided, and for the exact
city, region, county or other geographic designation identified with the provider. Then,
include those key phrases within the text of web pages and other related postings, so those web pages and postings come up in the search engine results when that key phrase is used. It’s a simple, reliable process that has been proven to deliver results for up to four years, if maintained with annual updates.This strategy of using the web to generate clients is not a new one. Many healthcare
providers already subscribe to expensive pay-per-click and keyword-bid programs that
deliver inconsistent results, as verified by Google, whose keyword system is one of the
major keyword bid brokers. No, this is a very different approach to keyword use, which accesses the larger group of people (82%) who use simple — but geographically specific — keyword searches on top search engines like Lycos, MSN, Google and others to find their local source for treatment or products.It’s not a difficult strategy to implement yourself, if you know how to edit web pages
and can understand the fundamentals of keyword use in a search engine environment. We
offer interested office operators a FREE tutorial on keyword choice. It’s a toll free phone call in which you will learn how to pick the most productive and least competitive keywords to fit your particular private practice. Often, in certain regions, especially if they are not in major cities, there is little competition for productive clinical keyword phrases, because in those areas the clinicians still use the old methods to market. In such cases, some simple html coding changes to existing web site pages suffice to send a stream of interested patient prospects to a provider’s web site or office phone, or very often, directly to the physical office itself.While the “search engine keyword” campaign remains one of the most effective of the
new web based healthcare provider marketing tactics, there are other excellent web methods that funnel interested patients to a specific provider. As a result, “search engine keywords” should be included only as a part of a larger Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan, whereby other web based client referral processes are used to increase the total monthly number of new consumers who sign up for treatment. Those other web based efforts include use of focused email campaigns — whereby patients request providers to contact them by email with details on services or products; and use of web based referral posting systems that elicit direct response from patients and other professionals who refer consumers for treatment, like coaches, school nurses, employers, and other clinicians.